Understanding Insurance Policies

Understanding Insurance Policies

4 Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Your Home Insurance

Samantha Reynolds

The cost of the insurance on your home is generally quite low in the grand scheme of things. However, there are numerous ways in which you can reduce the amount that you pay on your homeowner's insurance. Here are a few tips that can help to lower the rates revolving around your home insurance.

Same Provider

If you have multiple forms of insurance, you can often receive a discount if you use the same provider for each type of insurance you buy into. For example, if you have homeowner's insurance, check to see if your provider also offers auto insurance. This is often referred to as a multi-line discount.


There are numerous ways in which your provider will often times offer discounts. In the case of homeowner's insurance, many providers will offer discounts on your rates so long as you meet certain safety and security requirements. For example, deadbolt locks and smoke detectors can wind up saving you an ample amount on your monthly bill. Look into some of the nitty gritty details of your homeowner's insurance; some providers will even offer discounts on things you do not do. For example, so long as you do not smoke in your house, some providers will offer you a discount. Senior citizen discounts often times apply, as well.

Increase the Amount You Pay On Your Deductible

If you increase the amount that you pay on your deductible, then you will save on the amount that you pay on your premium. Do not settle for the minimum amount that you are able to pay on your deductible, as this will often times lead to higher prices on your premium. Paying upwards of $2,500 on a deductible, if possible, will wind up lowering the cost of your premium by a significant amount.

Do Not Insure Property

If you want to save on a month to month basis, then it is generally not required that you insure your property. Insuring your home and insuring the property that your home sits on are two different things. This will insure that your home will be safeguarded against disasters, robberies, and other phenomenon that can befall your home, but without having to pay into having your lawn or other freestanding buildings (like sheds) on your home insured. Hopefully, this brief guide has shed a bit of light onto how you can wind up saving a bit of cash on your homeowner's insurance.

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