Understanding Insurance Policies

Understanding Insurance Policies

Protecting Your Home From Wildfires

Samantha Reynolds

You can get and maintain insurance coverage for wildfire threats to your home if you minimize the risks. Here are three major steps to protect your home from wildfires:

Clear Away Combustible Debris

Clearing away debris is an easy measure with effective results. Focus on combustible debris such as stacks of firewood, dry grass, dead trees, and brush. The clear diameter, also known as the defensible space, should be as large as possible to keep your house isolated from nearby wildfires. Although a wildfire may still reach such a house, it will take some time to do so. In the event of a fire, you can use the time to get your belongings to safety or prepare to defend your house (for example by calling firefighters).

Protect the Vulnerable Areas

Some parts of the house are more vulnerable than others, and it makes sense to shore up fire defenses in such areas. Here are three vulnerable areas to focus on:

  • The roof – The roof is a vulnerable area because it is exposed to flying embers and debris, which are often carried high by rising flames and hot air. Using class A rated roofing materials and non-inflammable underlayment is a good defense in this area.
  • Window treatments – These are vulnerable because they are often made from easily combustible materials, such as fabric. Forget about fabric window treatments and opt for materials that do not combust easily and can be closed fast.
  • Vents – Since they are located high up in the house, they are just as susceptible to flying embers as the roof. Burning materials can fall through the vents and set your interior on fire. Keep them properly screened and cleaned to avoid such risks.

Make It Easy To Fight Fire in Your Home

Lastly, you need to make it easy for firefighters to help you during a fire outbreak. Useful measures here include:

  • Having a standing water source firefighters can use.
  • Providing good access roads so that fire engines can reach your home fast. Remember to keep them free of obstructions at all times since you never know when a fire may break out.
  • Putting up a visible sign that firefighters can follow to your home.

Take stock of your home's defenses right now and try to gauge how much they would protect you if your house is threatened by wildfire. If you aren't reassured with the strength of the defense, then neither will your insurer be. It's time to take action and protect your home and family by taking the measures described above, among others.

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