Understanding Insurance Policies

Understanding Insurance Policies

SR22 Insurance: What It Is And Why You Might Be Told That You Need It

Samantha Reynolds

If you have recently lost your license through revocation or suspension, and then try to renew it after the revocation or suspension is over, you may be told that you need SR22 insurance. Like most first-time offenders with revocations or suspensions on their driving records, you may look at the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) employee with absolute befuddlement. If the DMV is especially busy on the day you go to renew your license, then it is less likely that you will get any more answers from the employee. However, the answers you seek about this type of insurance are below.

SR22 Insurance--What It Is

An SR22 insurance policy is one that is purchased by someone who has a recent suspension or revocation on his or her driving record. Your punishment does not stop with the last day of your suspended/revoked license period. It continues with the requirement of SR22 insurance. This type of insurance states to police officers (when you are pulled over) and to employees of the DMV that you are a high-risk driver. You did something in your recent past that was dangerous or not smart, and as such, you have to carry extra insurance because of the risk of repeat choices and possible bad driving behavior. The good news is, this policy will not dog you the rest of your life if you can clean up your driving habits and driving record.

Why You Might Be Told That You Need It and the Financial Effects of Your Prior Action

Some states and their DMVs will not reinstate or renew your license until you show proof of insurance on your vehicle and proof of insurance on your license, which is the SR22. It forces you to adhere to very strict rules of driving conduct for a period of three to five years after your license has been reinstated. It is essentially your promise that you will do better if you expect to keep your driving privileges. It is also the insurance company's risk policy on you when they take a chance on you and help you by getting your license back.

If you are told you need SR22, you can be certain that your offense was very serious and that the DMV is even more serious about keeping the roads safe for everyone else by forcing you to get this extra policy. While it is very costly, most DMVs bank on making this mistake an expensive one, with the hopes that you will not be repeating it again. That includes a very high price for car insurance as well since any policy that has an attached SR22 is going to cost much more than standard car insurance.    


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