Understanding Insurance Policies

Understanding Insurance Policies

3 Things To Do After A Moose Strike

Samantha Reynolds

Most people have seen what a car look like after it has had an encounter with a deer. If you live in moose country, odds are you've also seen what the damage from hitting a moose can be. Part of the problem is that the moose is taller and heavier than the average deer is. That means that not only does the moose do significant damage to the engine compartment to your car, but the extra height also means that it can hit the passenger compartment of your car too. So, if you hit a moose, what should you do?

Make Sure You Are Safe

If your car is still able to move, get it to the side of the road. Make sure that you have your flashers on so that your car is visible, especially if it is dawn or dusk. If you do hit a moose, it's probably going to be on a smaller road that doesn't have more than one lane in each direction, so getting as far off the road as possible is necessary, and moose are going to be harder to see in the twilight. If you can't get your car off the road and you are able to move, do what you can to make sure your car is as visible as possible and get yourself and passengers away from the car and onto the side of the road. If the animal isn't dead, stay away from it. A hurt animal is a scared and panicked animal, making it dangerous. If it leaves the scene of the accident, make sure you pay attention to the direction it goes.

Call the Police and Game Wardens

You should always call the police if you have been in an accident, but in an accident involving an animal like a moose, you should also call the game wardens. You should be able to tell the 911 operator that you will also need the game wardens. The reason that you want the wardens is because taking care of wildlife is their job. They will know what will need to be done with the animal. For example, in some states, the animal will be donated to the food banks or needy people in the area. Other states will give you the option to take the meat yourself if you want. 

Call Your Insurance Company

You will also need to contact your insurance company. You will need to tell them that you have been a car vs. moose accident. They may ask you to take pictures of the damage, if possible, and forward it on to them. They can also give you numbers for tow truck companies in the area that can haul your car off for you. If you are looking for a new insurance company, consider one like Gateway Insurance.

Car vs. moose is not a good thing for anyone. You should probably count it as a win if you come out of it with no or minor injuries. Knowing what you should do if you have had a moose strike will make it easier for you to go through the process. 


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