Understanding Insurance Policies

Understanding Insurance Policies

FAQs About Getting Medicare Under The Age Of 65

Samantha Reynolds

Most people become eligible to receive Medicare when they turn 65. However, if you have a disability, it is possible that you can receive coverage before you are 65. If you have a disability and are planning to apply for Medicare, here is what you need to know. 

Do You Have to Apply?

In some instances, you do not have to apply for Medicare to receive benefits. If you have a disability and are applying for Social Security disability benefits, you should begin to receive medical care when your disability benefits are approved. You should receive a Medicare card shortly after your eligibility is determined. 

If you are not applying for disability benefits, but need medical coverage and are under the age of 65, you might be directed to apply for Medicaid instead. Check with your state's Department of Health and Human Services to determine whether or not you qualify for Medicaid. 

Can You Get Part A Only?

Medicare plans are divided into part A, B, C, and D. Part A covers hospital coverage and part B is your actual medical coverage. It covers a portion of your doctor visits, medical equipment, outpatient procedures, and other services. Part C covers is a private option that is offered through insurance companies. Part D covers prescriptions. 

Some people only want to apply for part A because they have some coverage through their spouse or other family member's group plans. If you only want to apply for part A, you have the right to. When you receive your enrollment package for Medicare, there is an option included to opt out of additional coverage. 

Can You Work and Still Receive Medicare?

In the event that you decide to return to work, you can possibly continue to receive Medicare benefits. For instance, if you still qualify for Social Security disability benefits, but are eligible to continue to earn a certain amount each month, you can still receive Medicare. 

There is a catch though. A time limit could be placed on how long you can continue to receive Medicare. After the time limit is reached, you could be required to pay for continued participation in Medicare. 

Medicare can be complex. It is important that you fully understand the program, what it has to offer, and how changes to your life could impact your eligibility. Before signing up for a program, consider working with a Medicare specialist or insurance agent to learn more about it.


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