Understanding Insurance Policies

Understanding Insurance Policies

Get Started on a New Career with Online Insurance Training Courses

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Those who are looking for a new career that won't take years of training may want to consider becoming an insurance sales agent. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook is very good for this career, with a faster than average growth rate of about 9 percent expected between 2014 and 2024 and an average annual salary of about $48,200. It's easy to get started, as there are a variety of different online insurance training courses available that can be completed at your own pace.


Most states require that people who sell insurance be licensed, with the exception of Wisconsin, South Dakota, Virginia, New Jersey, Missouri, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Tennessee, North Dakota, Ohio, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Iowa and Maryland. Should you decide to move, you may need to start the whole process over if the new state doesn't have reciprocal licensing, which includes states such as New York, California and Hawaii. Licensing requirements vary by state, but typically require completing a certain amount of course work and passing the state licensing exam. It's possible to take insurance licensing courses online, just look for one that is approved by your state and has between 20 and 40 hours of general insurance courses and 6 to 12 hours of ethics courses, as well as practice quizzes and exams to help you prepare for the licensing exam. 

Type of Insurance

Before getting started on your insurance training online, it's good to know what type of insurance you're interested in selling, as a different license is required for each different type of insurance. For example, life insurance, health insurance, and property and casualty insurance each require a separate license, meaning a separate exam and a separate licensing fee. The same is true of credit and travel insurance.

Keeping the License Current

Once you have a license, you'll need to do a certain amount of continuing education to maintain the license, which typically lasts about two years. Thankfully, there are plenty of insurance continuing education courses available online. This online insurance CE will help you keep up to date on any changes in the insurance laws in the state. Typically, part of the CE courses must cover ethics, with most states requiring a total of three hours of CE on ethics out of 24 total hours required. Check the laws in your state however, as some do require that at least part of the continuing education courses be completed in person in a classroom or seminar. 

If you are interested in a career in insurance, talk to an educator like Enterprise Training School about online training courses.


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