Understanding Insurance Policies

Understanding Insurance Policies

Keeping Visitors Safe During House Renovations

Samantha Reynolds

Your home becomes dangerous (for you and your visitors) when you are renovating it. Therefore, you need to take extra precautions to minimize the risk of injury to your visitors. Here are some of the precautions that can help:

Put Up Warning Signs

Don't assume that everybody will just "see" that an area is under renovation and therefore unsafe for use. Rather, warn everyone verbally and via warning signs posted in strategic places. An "Out of Service" poster can go a long way in preventing renovation-related injuries.

Set Up Alternative Areas

To reduce the risk of injury, set up alternative areas that can be used for the same functions as the areas under renovation. For example, if the kitchen is being renovated, you can put the kitchen utensils and appliances in the garage for the duration of the renovation. Inform your guests (those who normally have access to your kitchen) where the alternative place is so they don't risk going to the real kitchen.

Lock Them Up

For rooms with doors, it pays to lock them up when the renovators aren't around. For example, lock up the bathrooms so that your guests can't use them and get injured. If the door was also part of the renovation, you could try putting up physical barriers, such as plastic sheeting, to prevent entry.

Store Tools and Materials That Aren't Being Used

Tools and materials such hammers, ladders, bricks, and nails can cause serious injuries if they aren't properly stored. Therefore, ensure they are properly stored at the end of each working day. Be especially mindful of power tools since children find them attractive and will try to use or play with them. Unplug all power tools that aren't being used.

Clear the Air

It isn't just the visible tools and materials that can cause injuries; even the indoor air can cause serious harm if it is contaminated.  Contamination can come in different forms such as lead paint, cement, mold, and many other materials. Therefore, remember to clean up your house before your guests arrive. Ideally, you shouldn't carry out any of the renovation work when there are guests in the house. Even if you don't plan to work with guests in the house, warn them against recent contaminations so that those who are allergic or hypersensitive to the potential contaminants can stay away.

Renovation time is also a good time for analyzing your home insurance. You don't want someone to get injured in your home at any time, but especially when you don't have adequate insurance coverage. For more information, contact local professionals like United Insurance Agency Inc.


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