Understanding Insurance Policies

Understanding Insurance Policies

Bad Luck During The Holidays That Your Home Insurance Policy May Cover

Samantha Reynolds

The holiday season is a time for joy and merriment, but sometimes things go wrong during the festivities. While there are several potential holiday mishaps that your home insurance may cover, it helps to know exactly what kinds of coverage your policy provides in case misfortune strikes and puts a damper on your holiday cheer.

Medical Expenses/Liability Coverage

If you fall off the roof while stringing up holiday lights, your home insurance won't cover the cost of your medical expenses if you're injured. You'll have to look to your health insurance for payment on that. But if your Uncle Joe is helping you decorate and falls from your roof and breaks his leg, the liability section of your home insurance policy will pay for his trip to the hospital.

Therefore, it's important to include personal liability coverage and medical expenses coverage in your policy. Not only won't you have to pay out of pocket to get Uncle Joe back on his feet again, but you'll be covered if he decides to sue you.

Keep in mind that there will be limits on the amount of medical coverage your insurance provides. That's when purchasing umbrella (additional) insurance may be a good idea, especially if the costs add up to more than the limit your standard home insurance policy provides.

The liability portion of your home insurance also helps protect you if someone becomes injured in your home or on your property during a holiday gathering. But if someone who is under the influence from drinking too much alcohol is hurt as the result of his or her own actions, you may not be liable and your insurer won't have to reimburse medical costs for the person's injuries.

However, if the person under the influence is responsible for injuring another guest–especially if you served the liquor–you may be held liable. In that case, your home insurance should help pay for medical expenses related to the person's injuries. Your insurance also may cover if the individual damages your property or personal possessions while under the influence.

But what if a dinner guest comes down with food poisoning from food you serve at a holiday party or meal? Even medical expenses related to that type of situation may be covered under your home insurance. While some insurers will cover medical costs up to an amount stated in your policy, usually, the food poisoning must be due to negligence on your part while preparing or serving the meal for your insurance to pay.

Peril/Theft Coverage for Dwelling and Contents

Decorating a Christmas tree may be a long-standing tradition in your household, but those pretty colored lights and other electric holiday decorations pose a potential fire risk. If the tree catches fire and your house sustains fire damage, your home insurance will cover the loss as long as fire is a peril listed on your policy.

If someone steals your outdoor holiday lights or decorations, the loss will be covered under the theft clause of your home insurance policy. Gifts that are stolen from your home may be covered as well.

If you file a claim, the insurance rate you pay may increase. Depending on how much you lose, the deductible you have to pay when you file a claim may be higher than the cost to replace the items that are lost. But if the loss is significant and you decide to file a claim, you will need to file a police report and provide receipts for any items stolen in order to claim the loss on your insurance.

For more information and details about home insurance and how you may be covered this holiday season, talk with a home insurance company or visit websites like http://www.sldins.com.


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