Understanding Insurance Policies

Understanding Insurance Policies

4 Things To Understand About Worker's Comp Insurance As A Small Business Owner

Samantha Reynolds

As a small business owner with employees, you need to protect your employees and yourself by carrying worker's compensation insurance. As a small business owner, there are a few things you will want to understand about this type of insurance coverage.

It's the Law

First, it is essential to understand that there are laws in place in most states that require you to carry worker's compensation insurance if you have more than a certain number of employees. Basically, once you start hiring outside employees and not contractors, you will want to get worker's compensation insurance. It is in place to protect everyone. Without it, you could put yourself in legal peril.

Protect Your Relationship with Your Employees

Second, having worker's compensation is a great way to protect your relationships with your employees. If an employee is injured on the job, with worker's compensation, the employee doesn't have to worry about their injury bankrupting you or hurting your business. Having worker's compensation insurance in place is a way to show your employees that you care about them and that if they get hurt or injured, you are going to take care of their medical bills and ensure that the money survives. Worker's compensation allows you to do that.

Cost Varies Based on Your Business

Third, the cost that you pay for worker's compensation insurance will depend upon a wide range of factors. The number of staff that you have will impact your rates. The industry you do business in and that industry's track record of injuries will affect your rates. Finally, the risk factor calculations based on what you have employees do for you will also impact your rates.

It is essential to understand that multiple factors will impact what you pay for worker's compensation insurance; it isn't just one thing. Your insurance provider can let you know what else you need to do.

Protect Yourself 

Finally, having worker's compensation insurance is essential to protect your business. Without worker's compensation insurance, if a worker is seriously injured at your place of employment and sues you, you could lose your entire business.

When it comes to running a business as a small business owner, you want to carry worker's compensation insurance. This insurance will pay for an employee's medical bills and compensate them for lost wages if they get injured and will protect your business. You are going to want to work with an insurance provider that can provide you with a robust worker's compensation policy that will keep you and your worker's protected. 

Contact a local insurance provider to learn more about worker's compensation.


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