Understanding Insurance Policies

Understanding Insurance Policies

  • Do I Need Business Income Insurance?

    Business income insurance (also known as business interruption insurance) is a great type of insurance to have if you need to ensure that your business doesn't fall prey to temporary business interruptions and losses. But before you sign on for a new commercial insurance plan, here are some things to ask yourself about adding business income coverage. What Are the Risks to Your Business? Business income insurance is necessary to have when your business is vulnerable to temporary shutdowns and interruptions.

  • 4 Important Homeowners Insurance Considerations To Make When Purchasing A Home

    If you are in the market to purchase a new home, you not only want to think about whether or not your family is going to be happy there. It's also important to consider all costs, including homeowners insurance costs. This is going to help you determine whether or not you can actually afford the home. Here are four important homeowners insurance considerations to make: Location Makes a Difference: The area in which your home is located makes a big difference in how much you are paying for homeowners insurance.

  • SR22 Insurance: What It Is And Why You Might Be Told That You Need It

    If you have recently lost your license through revocation or suspension, and then try to renew it after the revocation or suspension is over, you may be told that you need SR22 insurance. Like most first-time offenders with revocations or suspensions on their driving records, you may look at the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) employee with absolute befuddlement. If the DMV is especially busy on the day you go to renew your license, then it is less likely that you will get any more answers from the employee.

  • Protecting Your Home From Wildfires

    You can get and maintain insurance coverage for wildfire threats to your home if you minimize the risks. Here are three major steps to protect your home from wildfires: Clear Away Combustible Debris Clearing away debris is an easy measure with effective results. Focus on combustible debris such as stacks of firewood, dry grass, dead trees, and brush. The clear diameter, also known as the defensible space, should be as large as possible to keep your house isolated from nearby wildfires.

  • Understanding The Audit For Your Commercial General Liability Policy

    General liability insurance offers protection for your business in case of a variety of potential issues. For example, you may have some financial protection if someone is injured on your property or there's an accident that affects a customer or client. In most cases, the policy premiums are rated according to your company's annual revenue. The premiums are usually set based on an estimate and then adjusted according to your actual figures at the end of the fiscal year.

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